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Brew Guide's Areopress


This is a brew guide for aeropress. Aeropress is a quick and simple way to brew coffee, which uses both immersion and filter brewing.

What you will need: an aeropress + aeropress filter + coffee grinder + coffee medium to fine grind + water preferably filtered or bottle water. A scales. Timer on your phone. A Stirring spoon. A Big mug.

Recipe: 17g Coffee (dose), 250g water (Yield), Water: @ 88C to 94C,  total time: 1min 40sec

  1. Prepare. Grind your coffee to a medium to fine coarseness. Boil your water. Pre-wet the filter.
  2. Pre-infuse. Set the aeropress inverted on top of the scales (see photo). Start your timer. Add 17g of the ground coffee. Next carefully add 30g of hot water. Immediately stir the wet coffee so that it all becomes saturated in the water.
  3. Top up. Now add 220g more hot water slowly and carefully.
  4. Press. Next it’s time to fasten the cap with filter inserted, on top of the aeropress. Slowly invert he aeropress and place the cap face down on top of your mug. And press slowly and constantly. The timer should read around 1min 40 secs.
  5. Drink. You’re ready to drink and enjoy.






  • Aeropress can handle coffee brewer with lower temperatures than other brew methods. Just check out the world barista champions recipes for different styles of preparing aeropress.
  • If the coffee taste a little bitter, next time you brew you can either: Decrease dose, decrease yield, grind coarser, brew in less time or brew with water that is less hot.
  • If the coffee tastes a little sour, next time you can either: increase dose, increase yield, grind finer, brew over a longer time, or brew with water that’s hotter.


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