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Ultimate V60 Brewing Guide: Perfect Your Coffee at Home

Ultimate V60 Brewing Guide: Perfect Your Coffee at Home

To start your V60 brewing journey, gather the following equipment: a V60 brewer, V60 filter, coffee grinder, medium ground coffee (roughly granulated sugar consistency), ideally filtered or bottled water, a scale, timer (you can use your phone), stirring spoon, and a large mug.

Here is a quick recipe for you to follow: Coffee: 15g Water: 250g (at around 94C) Total brewing time: Approximately 2.5 minutes

Step 1: Prep - Grind your coffee to medium coarseness. Bring your water to a boil and wet the filter.

Step 2: Pre-infusion (Bloom) - Place your V60 brewer atop your mug and position them on your scale (as shown in the attached photo). Reset the scale to zero, then start your timer. Add 15g of your ground coffee. Gently pour 35g of hot water onto the coffee. Stir immediately, ensuring all coffee is saturated—this will occur when you see no more air bubbles forming in the coffee slurry.


 V60 Coffee


Step 3: Top Up - Slowly add an additional 215g of hot water, using a circular pouring motion.

Step 4: Swirl/Spin - As the coffee seeps through the filter, you may notice some grounds clinging to the filter paper. To prevent this, hold the base of the V60 and gently swirl in a circular motion to bring these grounds back into the brew.

Step 5: Evaluate - The total brewing process should ideally take around 2.5 minutes. If it takes longer, consider grinding your coffee a bit coarser next time. Conversely, if the brewing time is shorter, try grinding your coffee a bit finer.

Step 6: Enjoy - Your V60 coffee is now ready for you to savour.




Brewing Tips: The following guide is an adaptation of a recipe from coffee guru, Scott Rao. If your coffee tastes slightly bitter, you can alter your brewing process in the following ways: reduce the coffee dose, decrease the water yield, grind your coffee coarser, reduce brewing time, or use slightly cooler water. If your coffee tastes a bit sour, try these adjustments: increase the coffee dose, raise the water yield, grind your coffee finer, extend brewing time, or use slightly hotter water.

With practice and a bit of patience, you'll master the art of V60 brewing and enhance your coffee experience.

Happy brewing!

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