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Belay The Bandit | Ethiopia | Blackcurrent Jam, Mango, Juicy | Filter Coffee Ireland

Discover Groundstate Coffee Roasters' juicy summer release: an Ethiopian coffee from the Rfisa wash station. Named in honor of Ethiopian hero Belay Zeleke, this coffee offers rich flavors and a piece of history. Order now and enjoy the best coffee in Ireland this summer!

Tasting notes : Blackcurrent Jam, Mango, Juicy

Variety : Heirloom

Farm : Refisa wash station , A co-op of if small farms

Region : Nenesbo

Altitude : 1950 M.A.S.L

Process : Washed 

Score : 87

Roasted for : Filter 

Groundstate Coffee Roasters: Juicy Summer Release of  Ethiopian Coffee in Ireland

Groundstate Coffee Roasters is excited to announce our juicy summer release: a remarkable Ethiopian coffee from the Rfisa wash station.

Celebrating Ethiopian Heritage

This coffee's name is a tribute to Belay Zeleke, also known as Belat the Bandit, a revered hero of the resistance movement in Gojjam. Belay Zeleke played a pivotal role in the fight against the Fascist Italian occupation of Ethiopia from 1936 to 1941, emerging as a brigand leader after a courageous five-year struggle against Italian rule.

Savor the Summer with Groundstate Coffee Roasters

Discover the rich history and vibrant flavors of our latest Ethiopian coffee release, perfect for summer enjoyment. At Groundstate Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves on offering the finest organic coffees in Ireland, ensuring every cup is a journey through taste and tradition.

Order your summer coffee today and experience the excellence of Groundstate Coffee Roasters, your go-to source for premium coffee in Ireland.


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