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Camelion Kamila / Guatemala / Blackberry, Raspberry, Guava, Hibiscus/ Filter

Experience the exquisite Camelion Kamila, an award-winning Guatemalan coffee, now available in Ireland and online. Savor the unique flavors of blackberry, raspberry, guava, and hibiscus from Darwin Estrada's sustainable farm. Shop the best of Nuevo Oriente's micro-lot coffee."


Tasting Notes : Blackberry, Raspberry, Guava, Hibiscus

Origin : Guatemala

Farm : Darwin Fabian , Las Orquideas

Variety : Pache

Region : Nuevo Oriente 

Altitude : 1,550 – 1,800 MASL 

Process : Natural

Score : 88

Roasted for : Filter


Launching this week is Camelion Kamila, an award-winning coffee from Darwin Estrada's 4.5-hectare farm in Guatemala's Nuevo Oriente region.

Darwin, a fifth-generation coffee producer, manages the small yet potent farm, innovating with processes and new coffee varieties, ensuring superb quality and sustainability.

Enjoy our award-winning micro-lot coffee with hints of blackberry, raspberry, guava, and hibiscus, offering a juicy flavor profile. Rooted in a rich family tradition and excellence in production, it's sure to please with its top-notch quality and distinctive background.


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