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Dreamy Djimon / Ethiopia / Cocao, Red Grape, Bergamot / Filter

Discover Ayele's Gedeo Ethiopian coffee, a treasure from 2004, cultivated with dedication to perfection. Embrace the licensed varieties from Jimma Agricultural Research Centre. Enjoy our near-organic brew, enriched with composted coffee pulp fertilizer. Buy now for an authentic Irish coffee experience.


Tasting notes : Cocao, Red Grape, Bergamot

Farms : Ayele Fullasa, Biftu, Tegeno

Region : SNNPR, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Gotiti

Variety : JARC 74110 & 74112

Process : Washed, 36hr Fermentation, Sundried

Score : 86 

Roasted for : Filter 


The farm was established in 2004. Ayele is a well known coffee farmer in the area, for his dedication to excellence. The varieties he cultivates are licensed by the Jimmah agricultural research centre.The cultivation is practically organic, as the only utilise organic fertilisers with composited coffee pulp.

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