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Justine Beaver | Colombia | Red Grapes, Cherry, Rose Hip | Filter Coffee Ireland

"Discover coffee from GroundState Coffee Roasters in Ireland. This Coffee come from Justiniano Paya, an indigenous coffee grower in Colombia with ASOCANAFI association, which promotes sustainability and quality. Enjoy complex flavors from unique processing methods. Shop now and taste the difference."


Tasting notes : Red Grapes, Cherry, Rose Hip

Farmer | Farm : Justiano Paya | El Marchito

Variety : Colombia

Region : Gaitania, Tolima

Altitude : 1600 - 2100  MASL

Process :  Anaerobic Fermentation

Score : 86

Roasted for : Filter 


Groundstate Coffee Roasters' Justine Beaver Coffee from Ireland

Discover the unique taste of Ireland with Groundstate Coffee Roasters’ latest offering – the Justine Beaver coffee. Sourced directly from the prestigious El Marchito farm in Gaitania, Tolima, this coffee boasts a rich heritage crafted by Justiano Paya, a dedicated indigenous producer and a second-generation coffee grower.

Sustainable Coffee Sourcing from Justiano Paya

Justiano Paya, a notable member of the ASOCANAFI association, is renowned for his commitment to sustainable coffee production. His farm is part of a larger community effort under ASOCANAFI, an influential association of indigenous coffee growers in the Nasawe'x community, Planadas. With over 170 producer families, ASOCANAFI, supported by Belco, focuses on sustainable practices and enhancing coffee quality through ongoing training provided by expert agronomists and quality teams.

Innovative Processing Techniques for Optimal Flavor

The Justine Beaver coffee is processed using innovative techniques that highlight its distinctive flavor profile. The coffee cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation for approximately 120 hours in sealed bags, enhancing their natural sweetness and complexity. Following this, the cherries are pulped, washed, and then undergo additional fermentation in parchment for 24 to 60 hours under the same controlled conditions. The drying process, crucial for developing the coffee's final taste, ranges from 72 to 240 hours in the farm’s shaded marquesinas, with variations depending on local weather conditions.

Why Choose Groundstate Coffee Roasters?

At Groundstate Coffee Roasters, we are passionate about bringing you the finest coffee  sourced responsibly. Our collaboration with indigenous growers like Justiano Paya not only ensures top-quality coffee but also supports meaningful community projects and sustainable agriculture practices in Colombia.

Enjoy the rich, authentic flavors of Justine Beaver coffee, available exclusively at Groundstate Coffee Roasters. Whether you're a coffee aficionado in Ireland or a global enthusiast, our carefully curated selection promises an unmatched coffee experience.

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