*Competiton Series*QUALITY SCORE: 91.25Cup NotesCherry / Blueberry / Peach / Dried PlumTECHNICAL DETAILSQUALITY SCORE91.25PRODUCERLa CristalinaCOUNTRYColombiaTERROIRQuindìoELEVATION1450 - 1500 maslFERMENTATIONSpecial AnaerobicCULTIVARCastilloPICKED INSeptember 2019LANDED INJanuary 2020LOT SIZE1400 kgARRIVED INGrainPro bagsROAST PROFILE BYRubens GardelliROASTED ONCustomised roasterTHE STORY BEHINDLa Cristalina is a family farm of around 15 ha, located in Quindío, that has been in the Grajales family for more than 100 years. The farm is in the Western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes. The Quindío department is a mountainous area covered in tropical rainforest and Guadua bamboo forests. The ground is enriched with ancient volcanic eruptions, accounting for its fertility. There are numerous rivers and streams, including the Quindío River, which rises in the Cocora Valley. Maria Mercedes Grajales, the current owner of the farm, is the fifth-generation farmer. La Cristalina’s main crop is coffee, predominantly the Castillo variety. It also has plantain, mandarin and orange trees. 5 ha of the farm are covered by shade from the nogal cafetero tree.13 375 kg of fresh cherries were picked for natural processing in 15 days, meaning the average harvest per day was around 891,6 kg.The cherries get hand-sorted at picking, later sorted during the floating process and during the drying time. Last selection is at the milling where the coffee is selected by screen size and defects. At the milling, the final stage of selecting is made by hand, because the machinery is not sufficiently accurate in the selection.



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