QUALITY SCORE: 88.25Cup NotesVanilla / Lemon / Golden Raisin / MolassesTECHNICAL DETAILSQUALITY SCORE88.25PRODUCERSeveral Small FarmersCOUNTRYBurundiTERROIRKayanzaELEVATION1805 maslFERMENTATIONClassic WashedCULTIVARTypica, BourbonPICKED INMar - Jul 2019LANDED INJanuary 2020LOT SIZE2400 kgARRIVED INGrainPro bagsROAST PROFILE BYRubens GardelliROASTED ONCustomised roasterTHE STORY BEHINDBurundi is a country that continues to face immense social and political difficulties. One of the challenges for the coffee sector is the government's involvement as an owner and operator of the washing stations. This makes traceability of the beans quite complicated. Despite this there are a few privately owned washing stations where great work has been ongoing to improve the beans' quality.

Ntarambo is a small hillside east of the village of Kayanza.The farmers on this hillside supply exclusively the Mpanga washing station and receive extensive training and financial support. Providing premiums for quality creates an incentive for the farmers to bring only the ripest cherries to the station for processing. This coffee showcases well the terroir characteristics of the region. Mpanga is both the name of the farm and the central washing station that processes all the lots. The washing station is situated in the Kayanza village, and is thus well placed to receive cherry from all the small producers in the surrounding area.

The flavour profile of the coffee from the Kayanza region in Burundi is somewhat similar to the southern Rwandan coffees, like Huye Mountain. In fact, Huye Mountain is only some 60 miles away from the Kayanza village. 



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