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Chic Dominique / Colombia / Strawberry, Tropical fruits / Filter

Discover La Joya Coffee, a family-crafted Colombian delight now in Ireland. Grown by Yermy Predraza in the high altitudes of Nariño, this coffee, with rich notes from ancient Caturra trees and robust Castillo varieties, promises a cup that's as unique as its origin. Order now for a taste of Colombia's finest!"

Colombia - La Joya #3 Yermy Neyl Pedraza

Tasting notes : Strawberry Tropical fruits 

Variety : Caturra

Region : Chachagui, Narino 

Altitude : 1950 - 2000 MASL

Process : Natural Anaerobic 

Score : 86.5

Roasted for filter

La Joya is the name of Yermy Predraza’s farm. Yermy's farm is located at 1950 masl in the municipality of Chachagui, Nariño.Nariño is located in the far south-west of Colombia bordering Ecuador, and is one of the most challenging, but also most interesting places to work. Coffee grows up to 2200 masl, often on the steep hillsides of tiny farms in very remote areas.

He works with his family on the farm to grow Castillo, Caturra and Typica varieties.

The Caturra he grows are the oldest trees on the farm, and in more recent years he also planted Castillo. This is a common example of producers combatting the risk of roja and loss of yield.

His farm has a stream running through which is an important resource, the municipality Chachagui was originally called Chabchabi which translates to good water.



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