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Pacha Mama | Single Origin Peru | Espresso | Organic Coffee | Toffee, Apple Crumble, Marzipan

Experience the unique flavors of Peru with our coffee from Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio. Tasting notes include Toffee, Apple Crumble, Marzipan. This blend of Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Pache, Typica varieties is grown in San Ignacio at 1000-1800 MASL and washed processed, scoring 83.5. Perfect for espresso, 70% is processed on farms, and 30% at the cooperative's wet mill. Our quality lab ensures top-grade beans, ready for export from our Chiclayo city plant. Join us in savoring Peru's finest!

Peru - Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio

Tasting notes : Toffee, Apple Crumble, Marzipan 

Variety : BourbonCatimorCaturraMundo NovoPacheTypica

Region : San Ignacio

Altitude : 1000 - 1800 MASL

Process : Washed 

Score : 83.5

Roasted for espresso


70% of the coffee is processed on the individual farms where it is grown.

The parchment coffee is then delivered into the warehouses of the cooperative in San Ignacio town, where each batch is evaluated for physical appearance.

30% is delivered as cherry for processing at the co-operatives’ own wet mill, set up for those that lack the time or skill to process well due to other commitments.

Tasted at the quality lab and separated according to quality and certification, dried coffee is then transported to the processing plant in Chiclayo city.

The dry-processing facility is where they process not only their own coffee but also coffee from several other organisations of small-scale growers ( 27 co-ops), ready for export.

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