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Tripping Thiago / Brazil X Colombia x Uganda / Chocolate, Fudge, Jammy / Espresso

Indulge in one of Ireland's favorite espresso's with Tripping Thiago – our seasonal house blend that evolves with the seasons, maintaining exceptional quality in every cup. Perfect for espresso lovers seeking consistent excellence and a delightful coffee experience that pleases every palate

Tripping Thiago Brazil X Columbia blend. Our sweet and syrupy “Tripping Thiago” blend is a mix of 50% Brazil  & 25% Colombia & Uganda 25% with notes of chocolate, fudge and jammy.

The Brazil component imparts the blends with chocolate and syrup features, and the Columbia component which undergoes an anaerobic natural process, the Uganda gives us that punch you get of an African coffee highlights notes of fudge and gives it that jammyness .

Brazil - Fazenda Capim Seco

The Capim Seco farm is managed by Ciro Dias Pereira. In the past, Rafael Dias Pereira took care of this farm, but he preferred to focus more on taking care of another one of his passions, horses, and Ciro, the younger brother, took over the farm.

He is brother of Luiz Paulo, one of the founders of CarmoCoffees, and he shares his passion for specialty coffees with the whole family. Ciro is also one of the managers of Fazenda Irmãs Pereira and works day and night in the care and cultivation of grains.

Since the first harvest, the farm received a good evaluation of the coffee lots, maintaining the family tradition of producing fine grains. The grains produced there are processed at Fazenda Irmãs Pereira, being part of the same group.

There he is able to dry the beans on suspended terraces and in a patio perfectly constructed to process natural and natural pulped coffees, as well as some innovative methods such as Sweet Shower, Black Honey and Double-pass.

Asked about his motivation, Ciro is transparent:
“It’s in the blood. The coffee passes through our family from generation to generation. Seeing our coffees continue to be recognized for their high quality, that’s what motivates me

Colombia - Santuario

Coming from new Irish Green bean supplier Arcadia. It pays homage to the unwavering dedication of Huila's diverse coffee farming families and their commitment to producing exceptional quality.

Nestled in the southwest region of Colombia, Huila holds a very well-regarded position among the country's top coffee-growing regions. Its strategic location within the Magdalena River Valley, adorned with a mixture of altitude, cloud cover, rain cycles and volcanic soil, creates a remarkable setting for cultivating speciality coffees with unique aroma, exquisite flavour, distinctive balance and unwavering consistency.

Clouds blankets the sky over Huila shielding the coffee plants from direct sun light, while the fertile soil nurtures their growth. In this captivating region, coffee is manually harvested throughout the year, resulting in a continuous supply of exceptional beans. 


Uganda - Kyarumba - Natural

Uganda–Kyarumba Natural

Washing Station : Agri Evolve

Wet Mill Varietals : SL14 and SL28

Processing : Natural

Altitude of farms : 1,600 to1,900

Owner: 840 smallholder producers

Town : Kyarumba

Region : Kasese District

Country: Uganda

Total Farm Size : 1150 hectares

Total Area under coffee : 412 hectares

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