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Sustainable Coffee Practices at Groundstate Coffee Roasters


Amidst the pressing global climate crisis, it’s paramount for businesses like ours to reassess our environmental footprint. Groundstate is deeply committed to eco-friendly practices, from bean transportation to coffee roasting.


Carbon Offset with Every Bean For every sack of green coffee we transport from global coffee farms, we plant two native Irish trees in collaboration with, an esteemed Irish organization dedicated to fostering native woodlands for a more sustainable Ireland.


Supporting Marine Health with Each Purchase 1% of our coffee sales go directly to, an initiative backed by An Taisce, aimed at safeguarding the pristine Irish coastlines through nationwide cleanups and marine pollution education. Growing up in Tramore, Co. Waterford, we're ardently dedicated to preserving an unblemished Irish coast.


Innovative Roasting for a Greener Footprint We proudly use the Typhoon 5kg coffee roaster, a state-of-the-art electric-powered fluid bed roaster. Unlike traditional gas roasters, it ensures minimal energy wastage, aligning perfectly with our commitment to 100% green and renewable electricity for our operations.


Eco-Friendly Cafe Operations Our dedication extends to our cafe:

  • Recycling: All plastic and glass are recycled.
  • Takeaway Packaging: Fully compostable, with a discount for customers using reusable cups.
  • Packaging:  Our home-compostable bags come from a carbon-neutral partner. We offer recyclable packaging also as in Ireland the government opened up two recycling centres for soft plastics.


By choosing Groundstate, you're not just enjoying premium coffee but also supporting a sustainable future for our shared planet. Join us on this exhilarating journey towards a greener tomorrow.



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