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Why choose Groundstate Coffee to supply coffee to your cafe?

Here at Groundstate we supply roasted coffee to cafes and restaurants interested in serving top quality coffee. 

Passionate about speciality coffee, we take care sourcing unique coffees from small farms and co-ops, and roast to draw out the unique flavours of a coffee's origin.

We roast our coffee in our typhoon 5kg roaster, a “fluid bed” roaster which uses convectional heat in the form of a bed of hot air to gently roast the coffee which highlights the natural sweetness of the coffee and results in a cleaner taste.

We can also use our experience to assist with key business decisions such as café layout, choice of equipment and staff training.


Diego Roasting coffee, the liberties Dublin

Diego is our head roaster and he draws on previous experience working on conventional gas roaster. With tons of barista experience and hailing from the world's biggest producer Brazil, Diego is well placed to get the best out of the coffee.

Diego and Andy have extensive barista experience working in speciality cafes in Dublin & London, we know what is required to let beautiful coffee reach its potential on the bar and maintain standards. Its our pleasure to be able to pass on this experience to our customers.

To truly take advantage of our high quality coffees, high quality equipment is important. We can advise you on the best equipment for your situation, be it the latest technology in espresso machines and grinders, to refurbished equipment. We can source the coffee equipment, and install in your space. Ongoing maintenance is important and we can provide you with machine servicing and repair on demand.

Our friendly team at Groundstate can train your team no matter your coffee experience level. We are here to help you achieve your goal of serving the most flavoursome coffee. We provide ongoing support and are just a phonecall away to answer your coffee questions.

Inquiries & Wholesale Account Assistance
If you have any specific questions about Groundstate coffee wholesale, or would like to use our coffee in your cafe or restaurant, get in touch with

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