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Groundstate Coffee Roasters: Your Premium Coffee in Galway

Groundstate Coffee Roasters is more than just a coffee roasting company. We pride ourselves on sourcing and roasting the finest coffee beans from the most outstanding coffee producers worldwide. With a commitment to excellence, we work diligently with small-scale farmers and trusted specialist importers, ensuring every cup of coffee you brew radiates passion and quality.

For every coffee enthusiast in Galway, Groundstate offers a diverse and unique selection tailored to satisfy your palate. Whether you're from Athenry, Clifden, Ornamore, Gort, Ballinasloe, Tuam, Bearna, Carraroe, Ballygar, or any corner of Galway County, we have a blend that speaks to you.

And to sweeten the deal, we’re offering free delivery to all of Galway and nationwide for orders over €20. So why wait? Experience the rich, aromatic flavours of Groundstate Coffee delivered to your doorstep!

About Us

At Groundstate Coffee Roasters, nestled in the vibrant Liberties D8 and boasting a dedicated roastery near the Red Cow Roundabout, we take pride in being among the top coffee roasters in Ireland. Our mission is to elevate your coffee journey, honing in on the nuanced flavors and unique characteristics that come from expertly sourced and roasted beans. We've forged close partnerships with small-scale farmers and elite specialty importers to unveil exceptional and rare coffee lots, ensuring every cup tells a story of its origin.

Ethical Sourcing & Sustainability: Our Pledge to Fairness Sustainability and ethical sourcing aren't just buzzwords for us—they're at the heart of what Groundstate Coffee Roasters represents. We go beyond the usual to ensure every coffee bean is sourced equitably, uplifting the communities from which they hail. Our close-knit relationships with coffee farmers and green bean suppliers mean we're not just buying coffee; we're endorsing and supporting fair trade every step of the way.

Our Environmental Footprint: Giving Back to Nature and Community Groundstate Coffee Roasters is acutely aware of the impact of its operations on the environment. That's why we've joined hands with For every sack of green coffee we import from across the globe, two native Irish trees are planted, actively neutralizing the carbon emissions from our coffee transportation. And our commitment doesn’t end there. We dedicate 1% of all our coffee sales to, championing beach cleanups across Ireland and raising awareness about marine pollution. When you choose Groundstate, you're choosing a brand that cares for the environment and the community.


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At Groundstate, we supply premium Specialty Roasted coffee to cafes, restaurants, offices, and hotels throughout Ireland and the UK. Dedicated to excellence, we meticulously source our unique coffees from sustainable small-scale farms globally. If you're keen on elevating your coffee offerings or have any inquiries about wholesale supply services, reach out at Experience the passion we pour into every bean.

Our Coffee

We have a range of coffees available for Galway coffee fans to purchase online. Shop our full range of coffee online.


Plamas Galway

Our coffee is available in Plámás in Galway.


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