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Donnie Darko / A classic espresso / Chocolate, Praline, Dark Fruits

Discover Donnie Darko, Ireland's choice for a robust espresso experience. Our darker roast accentuates a deep, intense taste with a blend of Brazil, Ethiopia, and Uganda beans. Enjoy the seasonal variety with our ever-evolving selections. Perfect for coffee aficionados seeking rich flavors. Shop now!

Brazil (50%), Ethiopia (25%) & Uganda (25%)

Tasting notes : Chocolate, Praline, Dark Fruits

Variety : Catuai, Mondo Novo, Heirloom

Region : South of Mina, Acevedo Huila

Altitude : 1250 - 2000 MASL

Process : Natural 

Score : 82

Roasted for : Espresso


Donnie Darko is our take on a classic espresso.We have roasted a little darker to create a more intense taste.With a blend of Brazil, ethiopia and Uganda.

The blend will change with the coffee seasons above is our current blend.

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