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Kali's Killer Spro | Uganda | Cherry Ripe, Milk Chocolate, Watermelon | Espresso | Coffee Ireland

Enjoy this unique Ugandan espresso with Groundstate Coffee Roasters' Kali's Killer Spro. Featuring cherry ripe, milk chocolate, and watermelon notes, this single-origin coffee is a taste of Uganda's best. Free delivery over €20 in Ireland. Shop now!

Uganda - Kyarumba station, 850 small hold farmers

Tasting notes : Cherry ripe, Milk Chocolate, Watermelon

Variety : SL14, SL28

Altitude : 1600 - 1900 MASL

Process : Natural

Score : 87

Roasted for : Espresso


This Natural Single origin Espresso is the kyarumba station wash station in the kasese district.

We are really in love with this natural espresso.

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