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Lazy Mazy / Colombia / Chocolate, Red Berries, Bergamot / Espresso

Discover your perfect cup with our everyday coffee from Ireland's new Arcadia Green bean supplier. Celebrate Huila's legacy and taste the difference in every brew. Ideal for Irish coffee lovers seeking quality and sustainability. Shop now for Colombia's finest!

This is a very good espresso, brought to you by our new Irish Green bean supplier Arcadia. It pays homage to the unwavering dedication of Huila's diverse coffee farming families and their commitment to producing exceptional quality.

Nestled in the southwest region of Colombia, Huila holds a very well-regarded position among the country's top coffee-growing regions. Its strategic location within the Magdalena River Valley, adorned with a mixture of altitude, cloud cover, rain cycles and volcanic soil, creates a remarkable setting for cultivating speciality coffees with unique aroma, exquisite flavour, distinctive balance and unwavering consistency.

Clouds blankets the sky over Huila shielding the coffee plants from direct sun light, while the fertile soil nurtures their growth. In this captivating region, coffee is manually harvested throughout the year, resulting in a continuous supply of exceptional beans. 

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