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Samason's Got Soul | Rwanda | Cola, Orange, Vanilla | Filter Coffee

Groundstate Coffee Roasters Single Origin Rwanda from Rwamatamu Coffee Company, offering unique Cola, Orange, Vanilla notes. Ethically sourced, this family-owned estate since 2015 champions local jobs and quality. Experience premium coffee with a purpose. Shop now in Ireland or online for a remarkable taste.

Rwanda - Rwamatamu's coffee farm Lot 5

Region : Western Nyamashale Kivu, Rwanda

Tasting notes : Cola, Orange, Vanilla

Variety : Red Bourbon

Altitude : 1800 - 2000 m.a.s.l

Process : Washed & African Beds

Score : 85 

Roasted for : Filter 


Single origin Rwanda from Rwamatamu Coffee. We really liked this one as we thought it was very interesting with tasting note of Cola, Orange and Vanilla . Rwamatamu Coffee is a family owned and run business, founded in 2015 with goals to contribute to the fight against poverty by creating local job opportunities.
The estate has 20 hectares of coffee farmland, where it both grows its own crop and purchases the cherries from affiliate co-operatives, local producer families, and
smallholder farmers. These cherries are separately collected, processed, sundried, sorted, then bagged and exported as a premium product.

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