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Yagua Barista Scale

Yagua mini espresso weighing scales with timerDescription:Easy to use espresso scale and timer.Co...

Yagua mini espresso weighing scales with timer

Easy to use espresso scale and timer.
Comes with a timer that works independently of the scale.
The dual display allows users to view weight and time simultaneously, making it easy to experiment with brewing recipes and improve consistency. An essential part of the brewing setup and a popular choice for Baristas and home users.


- Supplied with black pvc pouch
- Turns off after 60 seconds (when empty)
- Stainless steel top with plastic tray.
- Accuracy: 0.1g
- Display: LCD with green back light.


Measures in 0.1 grams.
Display in grams or ounces.
Tare function to set weight to zero.
Max Capacity: 1000g.
Inc. 2 x AAA batteries.
Tare/Cal - Put your cup on scales press tare and scale is set to zero

Width: 75mm

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