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Brew Guide | Areopress | Groundstate Coffee Roasters | Coffee Ireland

Brew Guide | Areopress | Groundstate Coffee Roasters | Coffee Ireland



Experience the ultimate brew with Groundstate Coffee Roasters' specialty filter coffee beans. Ideal for the Aeropress enthusiast, our step-by-step guide will elevate your coffee routine to barista-level perfection.


areopress essentials


Essentials for the Perfect Aeropress Brew:

  • Groundstate's Aeropress and filter: The duo for a flawless infusion
  • Precision grinder: For the freshest, medium to fine coffee grounds
  • Groundstate's filter coffee beans: Exquisitely roasted for superior taste
  • Pure water: Filtered or bottled for the cleanest flavor
  • Scale: For coffee and water measurements that are spot on
  • Timer: Easily accessible on your smartphone for perfect timing
  • Stirring utensil and a large mug: The final touches for your brewing setup


areopress filling


Aeropress Brew Recipe:

  • Coffee dose: 17g of Groundstate's finest filter coffee beans
  • Water yield: 250g, heated to the optimal temperature range of 88°C to 94°C
  • Brew time: A swift 1 minute and 40 seconds to unlock the full spectrum of flavors


pressing areopress


Brewing Made Simple:

  1. Preparation: Achieve the perfect grind with your beans. Boil your water and pre-moisturize the Aeropress filter to set the stage.
  2. Pre-infusion: Invert your Aeropress, place it on the scale, and commence timing. Add your coffee followed by 30g of water, ensuring even saturation with a quick stir.
  3. The Top-Up: Gently pour in an additional 220g of hot water for a complete extraction.
  4. The Press: Secure the cap, invert the Aeropress, and press down over your mug. Aim for the 1:40 mark on your timer.
  5. Enjoyment: Your exceptional Groundstate coffee is ready to savor.


Filter coffee


Personalize Your Brew:

  • For a milder taste: Reduce the coffee dose, yield, grind coarser, shorten brew time, or use cooler water.
  • For a richer flavor: Increase the coffee dose, yield, grind finer, extend brew time, or use hotter water.


Discover various Aeropress recipes from world champion baristas online and refine your brewing technique with Groundstate Coffee Roasters selection of filter coffee beans.

If you are in need of any brewing equipment head on over to our equipment section on our shop and you will find everything you need.

Elevate your coffee experience today.

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